Setting up your login Credentials

When you first join, you will receive a Welcome email. The Welcome email will walk you through the entire credential setup process. Simple follow the step provided to complete the process.

  1.  Open your email that was provided to PragaonVoIP for your user.
  2. You should have received an email that looks like this: 
  3. Click the Complete Setup Button. If your web browser does not open the form, copy and paste the included link into a web browser.
  4. Fill out form with new credentials and click the save button. 

This will complete the setup and log you into your portal for the first time. To access portal in the future go or see article Accessing your Admin Web Portal for further instructions.

If you have forgot or miss placed your email you can also access the system via the Are you a new user link on the login page This will email you the link to complete your setup.