The Cyberdata SIP v2 Paging Adapter must be manually configured (this device is not supported by the ParagonVoIP Provisioning Server).

ParagonVoIP Device Value
CyberData Value
Authenticate Password
SIP Server
Outbound Proxy
Outbound Proxy

In addition to the SIP credentials, you must set the following additional settings.

SIP Configuration Tab
Remote SIP Port
Local SIP Port
6000 + Extension  (see Note)
Re-registration Interval

Note: When installing multiple Cyberdata Paging Adapters you may wish to set each SIP device with a unique Local SIP Port. This is because some routers may have difficulty handling requests that return to the same IP address and Port for multiple SIP devices. To be safe, and our preferred method is to match the value of your SIP User Name (eg. if your SIP User Name is 100, your Local SIP Port becomes 6000 + 100 = 6100.

The following image shows sample settings needed to register the Cyberdata v2 SIP PAging Adapter to ParagonVoIP

Be sure to check the "Disable rport Discovery" option as this will break registration with the ParagonVoIP server.

See also: Connect to an Overhead Paging Systems