This could be caused by the carrier used by the receiver's end that has marked the number as Spam.  The DID is probably being spoofed by spammers/scammers which causes the providers to see the DID as SPAM. Unfortunately, there is no way to identify spoofed numbers because they use the same paths and look the same as any other legitimate phone call. You can report these calls to the FCC for further investigation. Below are some helpful links on Spoofing:

If you are instead suspecting calls that are coming from spoofed numbers see our FAQ article - How do I handle calls from suspected spoofed DIDs?

Calls Labeled as Potential SPAM or Being Blocked?

Multiple companies provide analytics, each with their own tracking and radar systems. It is possible your numbers are being blocked or labeled as SPAM due to false flagging.

Let the Carriers and Database Providers Know

If you know the carrier/provider that may be falsely identifying, blocking, or labeling your number(s) in the databases that feed this information, please contact them directly using the contact information below.

Note: When sending requests to the NoMoRobo and YouMail email addresses listed above - please include the calling number, name associated with the number, and details regarding why it is not a spam number.

Let Analytic Providers Know

  • Call Transparency: (First Orion) validates you are a legitimate business and verifies your calling numbers.

  • Free Caller Registry: (First Orion, Hiya, and TNS) This free portal helps entities reach the analytics companies that support the major wireless carriers in the US.

Note: Analytics companies will review the requests and may still flag calls depending on their analytics or research.

For Inteliquent Numbers

Inteliquent continues to work with the industry through our participation in associations and partnerships with customers to help resolve this issue while still working towards flagging and stopping illegal spoofing and robocalling.

Inteliquent is the CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) for the numbers however because they are not the end-user, they are often limited in how they can assist due to CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information). 

If you have attempted all options listed above and if it has been 72 hours or longer without relief, please open a ticket with Support including the list of phone numbers with call examples, dates/times, calling number, and the number called.