INFO: The Alexa Web Centrex Skill will allow a paragonVoIP PBX User to call saved contacts and 10-digit US phone numbers through the office phone system.

  • A ParagonVoIP Web Centrex PBX account is required to use this skill
  • The User will be able to make calls to any Contact that is saved in the PBX with a valid US telephone number.
  • Every Web Centrex PBX User is assigned a telephone number. The PBX User's phone number will be used as the Caller ID for the call.
  • You can view the Caller ID number that will be used for outgoing calls by browsing to your User Profile

Sample Web Centrex Call Flow

Steps to Test

1.  In the Alexa App, enable the Web Centrex PBX Portal skill 

1.1. Click the Link Account button 

2. Link the Alexa App to your PBX account by entering your credentials to the PBX portal in the sign-in screen.

Info: If you do not have a PBX account available for testing you will need to create one in your Manage PBX portal or request one via this email link

  Enter your PBX Portal credentials


If accepted, you will see the 'Success' screen below. 

3. If you are an existing Web Centrex End User, you are done!  Ask Alexa to call any Contact or Extension in your PBX account by saying "Alexa use PBX to call Thomas"  or  "Alexa use PBX to call 1002".   Alexa can also call outside phone numbers if you say "Alexa use PBX to call 12125551234".