Existing User Credentials Recovery

If a user has forgotten their Login Name or Password, they now have the option to recover their

credentials via the login page.

Forgot Login Name

After clicking the “Forgot Login Name” link on the login page, the

Forgot Login Name will Prompt for the User Email and (Optional) Extension

If the email (and extension) match the user in the system, a Login Name Request email will be

sent the user email. If validation fails, the user will receive a error message in the portal

prompting them to contact their administrator. Validation can fail if the email and extension are

duplicated on more than one domain; for example, if the email address first.last@gmail.com and

extension 1001 are both used in domain abc-company.11111.service and domain

acme.11111.service, this creates a collision.

Forgot Password

Clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page will prompt the user for their Login Name.

If the user enter a known login name, they will be taken through the Password Reset flow.