Hoteling (also called office hoteling or hot desking) is the practice of providing office space to employees on an as-needed rather than on the traditional, constantly reserved basis. This reduces the amount of physical space that an enterprise needs, lowering overhead cost while (ideally) ensuring that every worker can access office resources when necessary. An essential part of the hoteling process is the ability for the worker's PBX extension to "follow" the worker to any physical office or desk that he may use temporarily.

To activate the hoteling feature in a ParagonVoIP system (Hosted PBX or Call Center) follow these steps:

  1. A worker dials 5002 from any registered device
  2. When prompted for an Account Number, the worker will enter his extension number that they would like to use at this extension.
  3. When prompted for a Password, the worker will enter his voicemail PIN.
  4. If the Account Number and Password are entered correctly, the system will announce "The Device Owner is ..." followed by the name of the PBX User that owned the extension entered in Step 2. If the Account Number and Password do not match what is stored in the system, the worker will be prompted to re-enter both items.
  5. Press option 2 to make change to the information entered in previous steps. System will announce "The Device Owner is ...".

In order to deactivate the hoteling feature, the worker should follow the same steps above, but enter an extension that is not assigned to anyone, or the ext that resided there before.

Note: Phone will still display the original ext on the screen. Not intended for permanent ext relocation.