A Hunt Group or Ring Group refers to a method for distributing phone calls from a single DID, or Auto Attendant option to a group of several extensions and or external (off-net) numbers.

Note: Simultaneous Ring limit is up to 22 devices

To configure a Hunt Group first create a Routing User. For the purpose of this example, we will assume that we wish to distribute calls to several members of a company's Sales Department.

1. Click add user to the right in your users menu.

If upon clicking add user it notifies you that you have reached your capacity, please notify support that you need to add a non billable routing user to your system.  

2. Complete form similar to the one displayed here.

***Be sure to uncheck Enable Voicemail and Add Phone Extension. This will keep ext from becoming a billable extension***

3. Click Add user.

Edit the User's Answering Rules

For the routing user you created, configure a Simultaneous Ring Group that includes all of the extensions and/or off-net numbers that you want to forward the call to. New user will only display Default time frame. To setup additional Time frame rules select add rule, select your time frame and complete as shown below.

Now route the DID or Auto Attendant option to your newly created routing user.