Account Codes are used for tracking (billing) purposes. The system will ask the caller to enter the account code (or a client account number) after a number is dialed, and it will then be displayed in the CDR (Call Detail Record) after the call is completed. This feature is usually requested by law firms when calls must be billed to a specific client.


The Account Code feature uses the reserved dial pattern 099+destination number.  Anytime 099 is dialed before a destination number, the system will ask the user to enter an account code.  The system will accept any number and combination of digits for the account code (the input is not verified).  After the account code is entered, the system will announce to the caller "Your Call is now being transferred" and the call will be connected.   The account code will then be displayed in the Call History for the call.   The purpose of the feature is not to restrict calling, but rather to allow callers to associate a client with a call for reporting purposes.


The feature may be invoked by any user that dials 099 as a prefix. However, it is possible to force callers to enter an account code for every call by selecting the "Force Account Code" dial permission from the User's profile.




Note: If the Force Account Code dial permission is chosen, it is usually a good idea to modify the dial plan for the User's device so that 099 is automatically prepended to every call.

Reporting / Call History

For every call that uses the Account Code feature, the Call History will display the account code entered under the PAC column.  The Call History may be downloaded for manipulation in an external program.