Set call forwarding rules for each presence status. The call forwarding rules allows the user to automatically forward an incoming call to voicemail, another extension, or mobile depending on the extension status.

  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Extensions, search and find the desired extension, click .
  2. Click the Presence tab.
  3. In the Presence drop-down list, select a status to configure.
  4. In the Presence Information field, enter the a custom status message to display on Linkus.

    The Linkus users can see whether you are available to communicate.

  5. Set call forwarding rules for the Presence status.
    1. Select the Call Forwarding conditions:
      • Always: All the incoming calls will be forward to the destination.
      • No Answer: Only the unanswered calls will be forwarded to the destination.
      • When Busy: Only the calls that come in while you are talking on the phone will be forwarded.
    2. Beside the selected forwarding condition, select the forwarding destination.
  6. Set the ring strategy for the Presence status.
    • Ring First: When a call reaches the extension, which terminal will ring first.
    • Ring Secondly: If the incoming call is not answered on the terminals that are selected as Ring First, the terminals that are selected as Ring Secondly will ring.
  7. Click Save and Apply.