To make calls and receive calls from an IAX extension, you need to register the IAX extension on an IP phone or soft phone.

Note: Only few phones support IAX protocol, we recommend that you use SIP extensions.

In this topic, we take Zoiper softphone for example to introduce how to register an IAX extension.

1.Gather information of extension registration

For most IAX phones, the following items are needed for the IAX phone to register with Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX.

  • IP address of PBX (e.g.
  • Extension information
    • Extension (e.g.1000)
    • Registration Password (e.g. Yeastar6041)
    • Caller ID (e.g.1000)
    • Caller ID name (e.g.Ann)

2.Register the extension on Zoiper

  1. Run Zoiper.exe, go to  > IAX accounts > Add new IAX account.
  2. In the Add new IAX account window, enter the extension number 1000, and click OK.
  3. In the IAX account options, enter the required items as follows.
    • Server Hostname/IP192.168.5.30
    • Username1000
    • PasswordYeastar6041
    • Caller ID NameAnn
    • Caller ID Number1000
  4. Click OK and Apply.
3.Confirm registration status

You can do one of the followings to check if the extension is registered..

  • On the phone web interface, check if the status indicates that the extension is registered.

    In this example, the account will display "1000 (Registered) (IAX)".

  • Log in PBX web interface, go to PBX Monitor > Extensions to check if the status shows