If your VoIP provider is not included in the supported VoIP provider list, and you have got a VoIP account with user name and password, you can set up a Register Trunk on Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX.

Assume that you bought a SIP trunk from the VoIP provider, and the trunk information is displayed as below. We will introduce how to set up a Register Trunk according to the trunk information.

Provider addressabc.provider.com
SIP Port5060
Authenticate name254258255
Provided DID numbers5503301 / 5503302 / 5503303
  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Trunks, click Add.
  2. In the Name field, enter a trunk name.
  3. In the Select Country drop-down list, select General.
  4. In the Trunk Type drop-down list, select Register Trunk.
  5. Enter the trunk information that is provided by the VoIP provider:
    • Hostname/IP: Enter the IP address or the domain of the VoIP provider (e.g.,abc.provider.com).
    • Domain: Enter the IP address or the domain of the VoIP provider (e.g., abc.provider.com).
    • User Name: Enter the username to register to the VoIP provider (e.g., 254258255).
    • Password: Enter the password that is associated with the username (e.g., 05JsOmsIS54SYh).
    • Authenticate: Enter the authentication name to register to the VoIP provider (e.g., 254258255).
    • From User: Enter the same name as User Name (e.g., 254258255).
  6. If the trunk DID number is different from the trunk authentication name, you need to set the DID number.
    1. Click Advanced tab, enter the DID Numbers which is provided by the VoIP provider (e.g., 5503301).
    2. Select the checkbox of DNIS Name, enter a DNIS name for the DID number.

      When users call the DID number, the DNIS name will be displayed on ringing phone.

    3. Click  and repeat steps i-ii to add another DID numbers.
  7. Configure other VoIP trunk settings as your need.
  8. Click Save and Apply.

    You can check the trunk status in PBX Monitor. If the trunk status shows , the trunk is ready for use.