Yeastar S100 and S300 are expandable.

  • S100 supports up to 2 EX08/EX30 Expansion Boards; supports 1 D30 Module.
  • S300 supports up to 3 EX08/EX30 Expansion Boards; supports up to 2 D30 Modules.

EX08 Expansion Board

EX08 board supports up to 4 modules (8 RJ11 ports).

Optional modules on EX08 board

  • O2 Module
  • S2 Module
  • SO Module
  • B2 Module
  • GSM/3G/4G Module

EX30 Expansion Board

EX30 board supports 1 E1/T1 port.

D30 Module

D30 is a DSP module, used to expand the capacity of PBX. With a D30 module added, the extensions increase 100 and concurrent calls increase 30 additionally.