Make Calls You can start making calls by dialing a number and press the call button.

Extra Call Feature For additional functions, you can press and hold the call button and choose how you want to proceed.
  • Voice calls – Standard calls from RUC app to dialed number.
  • Video Call – You can make video calls to RUC users as well as some video phones.
  • GSM Call – RUC will initiate a call from your mobile device to the dialed number.
  • Auto Call – This will start a VoIP call. The video will be enabled based on the value in autoSendVideo preference key.
  • Web Callback – If the data signal is weak you can trigger the system to call you, and the called party sees your PBX caller id.
  • Message – This will open the SMS view to send an SMS to the dialed number.
  • Copy Number – This will copy the dialed number.

Add Contacts You will be able to add contacts from the “Keypad View” and will have the option to either create a new contact or add to existing contacts.

Voicemail Button The Voicemail Button appears whenever a user receives a new message..