As a general matter, you will not need to do anything with these IP addresses, because the provisioning servers will take care of SIP Device configuration. We will provide you with domain names that will resolve to these servers as necessary.

In certain situations however, it may be necessary to allow these ports in your firewall. We recommend utilizing the subnet ranges, as there may be more than one server on one Geo Node that can serve the same function. The following are Subnet Ranges and IP addresses that are in use by our systems:

  • - New Jersey
  • - Dallas
  • - Las Vegas
  • - Minneapolis
  •,,, - Instant Fax Servers

The following protocols and ports are used by our systems:

  • TCP ports 80 and 443 (for web UIs and provisioning servers)
  • TCP port 5060 (for PBXFone only)
  • UDP port 5060 (for SIP signaling)
  • UDP port 8889 (for Web Meetings and Video Conferences)
  • UDP ports 20000-27999 (for SIP RTP )
  • TCP ports 80, 442 and 443 (for Instant Fax server)

Note: Customers that have SimpleWan units installed do not need to apply any of the above setting. SimpleWan units are pre configured with template designed to function with our system. For inquires on how to obtain a SimpleWan unit, email us at