Significant Upgrades and Improvements to Meeting Manager with Release 7.0


The ability to collaborate with co-workers or clients is a key driver for companies moving to a Unified Communications as a Service Platform. The New release of Meeting Manager will significantly improve and enhance the user experience for this key component of our offering.

Highlights of the version 7.0

An Entirely New and Modernized GUI

All the functionality is there and accessible through a much smaller widget that takes considerably less desktop space. During a session, it can be minimized all the way down to this:

But just hovering over the widget instantly exposes every control Icon:

There is even more functionality available under the icons:

This is just the start of the benefits from the new interface. Here are a couple of screenshots showing off the new interface.

This is the new look for meeting set-up


Here is the scheduler:


Improved Integration with ParagonVoIP Platform

The web meeting audio will automatically be connected with the Meeting Host’s PBX conference bridge when a meeting starts. Previously, this required the Meeting Host to press a ‘Connect’ button. This screenshot shows a meeting in progress with the direct PBX Integration:

Additional New Features

Live Streaming.

Stream desktop, HD video, and audio to browser-based viewers across all platforms including PC, MAC, iOS and Android.

Up to 20 frames per second desktop sharing.

Share HD video and audio from your desktop to attendees at up to 20 frames per second. This incredible feature brings desktop sharing to the next level over the public Internet by delivering a smooth HD experience in real-time with only milliseconds of delay.

MAC HD Video Recording and Conversion to MP4.

It is now possible to record HD video and desktop sharing sessions on a MAC.  The file format of the recording can be converted to MP4 from the MAC.

More improvements in the future

We are already working on the next release of Meeting Manager that will include an integration with Google and Outlook calendars.

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